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Ceramic Fiber Modules
Ceramic Fiber Modules
CCEWOOL Ceramic Fiber Modules is made from the corresponding ceramic fiber material acupuncture blanket processed in dedicated machines according to fiber component structure and size.
Ceramic Fiber Tape
Ceramic Fiber Tape
Ceramic Fiber Tapes that are fabricated using high quality ceramic fiber yarn and are reinforced with fiberglass filament & ss wire.
Ceramic fiber round rope
Ceramic fiber round rope
Ceramic Fiber Rope is a length of fibers, twisted or braided together to improve strength for pulling & connecting and can also be called as fibril or filament. We provide round rope, square rope and twisted rope. Both kind has two type, glass filament reinforced and stainless stainless steel reinforced.
Ultrathin 6mm Ceramic fibre blanket
Ultrathin 6mm Ceramic fibre blanket
CCEWOOL Untral-thin Ceramic Fibre Blanket is a new type of fire-resistant insulation materials in white and tidy size, with integrated fire resistance, heat separation and thermal insulation functions, containing no any binding agent. All CCEWOOL Ceramic Fibre Ultra-thin Blankets are made though spun fiber production, which is widely used in various sectors of refractory, insulation, thermal insulation field.
Bio Soluble Fiber Blanket
Bio Soluble Fiber Blanket
Bio Soluble fiber blanket is a body soluble fiber that utilises a unique spinning technology to create a special fiber with superior thermal and mechanical properties. This special fiber is made from a blend of calcium, silica and magnesium which give fiber the ability to support continuous temperatures up to 1260C.
Ceramic fiber board for wall-hung boilers and gas boiler
Ceramic fiber board for wall-hung boilers and gas boiler
The most outstanding characteristic of CCEWOOL Ceramic fiber board for fireplace and gas boiler is that it enjoys light weight, and at the same time it has high compressive strength./ Compared with the normal ceramic fiber boards of the same density, they are 20% harder; comparing to the ceramic boards of the same compressive strength, they are 20% lighter.
Ceramic fiber paper
Ceramic fiber paper
The product shows excellent thermal insulation properties and construction performance, suitable for use in deep processing (multi-layer composite, punching, etc.); and excellent resistance to molten infiltration, allowing itself to be used for casting washer separation in the construction and glass industries.
Ceramic Fiber Cloth
Ceramic Fiber Cloth
CCEWOOL Ceramic Fiber Cloth is a woven fabric made from our high quality ceramic fiber yarn. It is strong, lightweight, flexible, and available in a wide variety of thicknesses, widths and densities. Ceramic cloth contain absolute amount of binder material which is normally burned at lower temperature and does not affect the insulation property.

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Customer story

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Quality – the Sword to eliminate misunderstandings

Customer visit

In 2008, we received one inquiry from our Poland customer; he was interested in our 1260 ceramic fiber blanket and wanted some free samples for testing. When received the sample, he told us that we failed to pass the sample testing, but he didn’t tell us the reason at that time. Later, it finally came out that actually our samples had passed the test at that time but he confused our sample with other Chinese supplier’s, so he didn’t place the order to our company.

In 2009, we met this customer again at the exhibition of Ceramitec at Munich. As we were the only supplier from China, the customer was very surprised and impressed. At the exhibition, I had a brief conversation with him and he also explained to me that due to his confusing the two sample, he placed the order to the other supplier, but after a period of cooperation, he found that the quality of their ceramic fiber blankets was very unstable, the longer they cooperated with them, the worse their quality were. This unpleasant experience disappointed him on not only this supplier but also all Chinese suppliers. Considering the fact above, I didn’t intend to talk any more about the quality of our products because I know it was useless, I just proposed to ship a container of ceramic fiber blanket to him free of charge, But he turned down my proposal.

However, when we met again on the exhibition of Metec at Dusseldorf in 2009, we were so glad to know that his prejudice on Chinese suppliers and our company had become less than on 2009, because he saw us at almost all the relative international exhibition and at the same time they had seen our green package in Europe, some of our customers in Europe spoke highly of our quality and reputation, so this Poland customer began to have some further communication with us about our products and cooperation between us. Although he didn’t order our products till 2009, we have kept in touch with each other since then.

In 2013, I represented our company to attend the 19th Metal Exhibition at Kielce, Poland. We took this chance and invited this customer to visit our booth. Even though we didn’t meet him on the exhibition, we received his first order of our CCEWOOL ceramic fiber products. I was so happy that our capacity and sincerity was finally recognized for five years’ persistence. Till now, we have kept a very good trade relationship with him. We Double Egret also proved our stable quality and professional service by our practical action and created a win-win situation for both of us.

Profession – The way to stable cooperation

Double Egret was exhibited at METEC in Dusseldorf Germany

R company is a multinational corporation whose headquarters located in Austria. It was established in 1981 and has a production history of 100 years until now. Its branch offices presented at more than 40 countries around the world. They enjoy high reputation in the field of refractory materials and kiln construction worldwide. Meanwhile, it is a serious enterprise which puts great emphasis on professionalism and service and are specialized in manufacturing high grade refractory brick, unshaped refractory materials and moldable refractory materials. Our cooperation with them is to provide ceramic fiber products for its project in Latin America.

The cooperation with such a famous company is a kind of recognition on our 10 years’ international trade experience, which also presents our superior service and professionalism in refractory industry.

Our cooperation started at the exhibition in Dusseldorf 2011. At that exhibition, our booth and theirs were happen to back to back, so we talked a lot during that exhibition, we shared our opinion on the development of refractory industry congenially. I also learned that they had known our company before. When I came back from the exhibition, I received an inquiry from a professional and experienced customer who didn’t show any company and position information. Since the professionalism he showed in his email, I replied him politely and kept doing some technical communication with him in the following days. After some communication, one day he sent me an email with signature indicating that he was the managing director in Latin America. I was a little surprised. In the following conversations between us, I felt happy that he was always appreciating my professionalism in the field of refractory material. Then he decided to visit our factory with his Colombian colleague who had been specialized in refractory industry for over 40 years. He asked a lot of specialized questions for the field of refractory. Based on my years’ experience, I could always give instructive and satisfying answers for every question. I think this was a key point for future cooperation.

Before the exhibition of Munich at German in 2012, I wrote to invited him to visit our booth. Although he was too busy to go to the exhibition, he introduced us to his boss (the CEO) and arranged me a conversation with his boss for me. During the conversation, we shared not only our respective opinion on Chinese insulating wool industry but also discussed the trends of Chinese ceramic fiber products’ development. For example, when it comes to 1600 polycrystal mullite ceramic fiber blanket, I told him frankly the developing situation of this products in China that the quality of this product could not reach the Europe standard now. When it comes to ceramic fiber blanket, we shared that the quality of Chinese manufacture had already reached the CE standard.

The CEO appreciated my professionalism on international business and honest attitude to the disadvantage of Chinese refractory industry. After the exhibition, they began to place order to our company. Till now, we have kept a long-term and stable trade relationship.

Experience – The key to improving business efficiency

Turkey agent

V company is a large scale international company in Malaysia. We had had a pleasant communication with them at the Munich exhibition in 2009. At that time, they were impressed by our spiritual outlook and professional attitude and decided to cooperate with us on the spot. As we all know, it usually requests all units to cooperate in operation in large corporation, even for a relative small order. Fortunately, based on my years’ experience working in international department of a listed company, I am very familiar with their operating process, so I tried my best to express a case concisely to save their time and promote the communicating efficiency between us.

Actually, we came across some difficulties during the cooperation with them, for example, it might be slow for them to confirm a thing for the complex division in Group Corporation, while they were urgent in the delivery of the goods. This led to some difficulties in our processing, however with my previous experience; I handled each process flexibly and got rid of the trouble of communication which might be existed in some small companies with no experience of working with large corporations. In addition, considering their requirements on delivery speed, we adjusted our order processing; deliver the goods before receiving the money. All our efforts above finally managed to guarantee our smooth cooperation.

Capability – The foundation to establish trust

 If it was conventional of our cooperation with other customer, then it was just dramatic of the cooperation with this America customer.

He is the person in charge of the American company, which has been specialized in construction applied fireproof material for 10 years. At the early time, I was impressed with his first inquiry which only asked me for my contact information and asked my English capability. He hoped that we could talk by phone directly. Although I was a little confused about this, I dared not neglect and reply his email immediately.

The next day, the customer called from America. After learned that he intended to develop new application of ceramic fiber products, I explained the characteristics of our ceramic fiber products to him. The customer was very satisfied and told me that he had contacted almost 10 Chinese ceramic fiber suppliers in the past three weeks. He was surprised that most of them cannot understand his requirements on products and technical data, let alone to communicate with him smoothly. He also said, if he hadn’t had the smooth and pleasant conversation with me this morning, he would have doubted that there might be something wrong with his expression. After the call with me, he felt that he had finally found an ideal and suitable partner. At the same time I was so happy that he appreciated my fluent English and accurate yet professional reply.

After further conversation, We knew that our American customer was planning to order our CCEWOOL ceramic fiber paper to be used in a new field——roof’s fireproof , and he told us that the products must passed a strict test first before developing in America. When I learned this, I did a detailed analysis for him that ceramic fiber paper of 2mm or 3mm thickness was not appropriate for the actual application. Because during the production of ceramic fiber paper, we added some binders to fix the ceramic fiber, so in roof’s fireproof, when it reached 1000 ℃, the binder would be totally burned and the fire would penetrate the ceramic fiber paper. After doing further analysis, I recommended our America customer our 6mm ceramic fiber blanket and sent the related sample for his testing. Glad to say that we passed the test successfully in small scale.

With some further communication, I got to know that besides our customer’s own test, he would also have to spend about US$ 20,000.00 for the related industry test to develop the new application. So in order to avoid the extra cost of repeated test, considering our customers benefits I recommended the 10mm ceramic fiber blanket which we had more confidence in. What’s more, the price for 10mm ceramic fiber blanket was lower than the 6mm ceramic fiber blanket; it could save cost for our customer. Meanwhile, we explained the reason of this change to our customer, because ceramic fiber blanket’s density was much smaller than ceramic fiber paper, so there might be some problem during the testing due to the uneven ceramic fiber distribution of blanket. During the communication, I tried my best to lower the cost for our customers and calculate the most accurate loading quantity for him, so as to let our customer feel rest assured of our products finally. Meanwhile, considering that our customer was in urgent of the sample, we didn’t care more about the express cost but sent the samples immediately to make sure that our customer could receive it as early as possible. Now, according to our efforts above, the customer was moved and accepted my advice. We had full confidence that we would have a long term trade relationship with each other when the sample passed the test, and we would keep supporting him and helping him to develop the new market of ceramic fiber products applied in fireproof of constructions in America.

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