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[Introduction]: Ceramic fiber appeared in United States in early 1940s. However, China hadn’t developed the technology of ceramic fiber until 1970s. Due to the undeveloped economy and incomplete industry system, few people were unaware of the ceramic fiber as a new kind of insulation material before 1990s. In 1990s, the energy-saving and thermal insulation technology had been improved with the establishment of Chinese industry system and development of heavy industries.

1999-2004: the initial stage of the factory 

the initial stage of the factory

In 1999, Mr. Sun and his brother co-founded the Zibo Min Ye Refractory Fiber Co.,Ltd, aiming at creating a first-class ceramic fiber production factory. Due to the fact that there were few ceramic fiber factories in China and the production technology was undeveloped, Min Ye had only one blown ceramic fiber production line at the initial period. Despite of the small production scale, Mr Sun and his brother insisted on bold exploration and constant practice to improve and develop the ceramic fiber production technology.

In 2000, after the ceramic fiber products being brought into market, Mr. Sun and his team began to visit his customers, collect feedback, study ways of production application, analyze data, learn from factories in the same industry and improve self-technology. At the same time, Mr. Song, who is the most famous engineer in ceramic fiber industry in China then, was invited to join the company as engineer. Under the support of Mr. Song, the factory renovated ceramic fiber production technology and launched the first ceramic fiber spun production line. Finally, Minye Refractory Fiber became one of the earliest and most famous ceramic fiber production factories in China.

In 2001, new demands for energy-efficiency were raised worldwide. Since ceramic fiber's energy-saving performance were 30 % better than other insulation material in kilns, the government put forward some relative policies to advocate the application of energy-efficient ceramic fiber in kilns. Realizing the growing demands for ceramic fiber products, the founder seized the opportunity and increased one blown ceramic fiber blanket production line and two spun ceramic fiber blanket production lines. That made great contribution for Minye to dominate market in metallurgy, petrochemical and furnace construction industry in China.

ceramic fiber blanket production line

In 2002, over years of development, the Minye always considered the quality of product as the prior philosophy in the development, and the founder kept delivering this concept to their front-line workers. This behavior made all staff put extreme emphasis on the quality of ceramic fiber products. Besides, the founder attached great importance to the clients’ feedbacks and the accumulation of credit, so our products gradually stood out in the ceramic fiber field in China. In this year, the factory expanded and launched another two blown ceramic fiber blanket production lines and four spun ceramic fiber blanket production lines, and consequently Minye became the R&D center and production basis of ceramic fiber.

In 2004, with more and more notable ceramic fiber brands built plants in China, and our factory started to realize the quality and requirements for ceramic fiber products exporting and started to focus on the international market. Meanwhile, the number of ceramic fiber blanket production lines increased to 8.

2005-2008: Developing stage of the factory

2005, the establishment of Double Egret and the debut of CCEWOOL on international market

Double Egret was exhibited at Ceramitec in Munich Germany

In 2005, with the support of the founder of Minye, Rosen Peng, who had worked at a well-known company for ten years, resigned his job and established the Zibo Double Egret Thermal Insulation Co., ltd. In the same year, we officially registered the CCE WOOL brand in Europe. With his years’ experience in developing international market, Rosen Peng held the belief that without quality, our brand is lifeless, and without brand, our future is hopeless. With this in mind, he did extensive investigation and made systematic plan for the design of package, LOGO and the meaning of 'CCEWOOL' brand.

CCEWOOL brand for ceramic fiber product

Thanks to Rosen peng’s accumulated experience in international business in the listed company, CCE WOOL brand soon attracted some foreign customers to visit and consult, which meant our CCEWOOL brand began to enter the international market. After that, more and more customers came to visit and make technological communication with us. During the process we became more and more familiar with the international standards and requirements on ceramic fiber products. To coordinate with the international standard, Double Egret learned advanced production technology from abroad and launched another technological reform and update. After that, our ceramic fiber products won wider recognition, from color and appearance to shot content and tensile strength.

In 2006, the acquisition of attention of CCEWOOL on international market and the upgrade of Minye’s production technology

In 2006, due to the quality of CCEWOOL ceramic fiber products and the trade experience of Rosen Peng, Double Egret gradually established long-term and steady cooperation with many world-famous enterprises both home and abroad to guarantee the companies' stability and the capacity of sustainable development. Considering the growing demands for ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber paper etc., Double Egret provided Minye with timely marketing analysis and information which help greatly for Minye to upgrade its production line. In the same year, Minye imported full-automatic ceramic fiber production line. Then we developed the high density ceramic fiber board and ultra-thin ceramic fiber boards which filled the local vacancy. Until now, the ceramic fiber board production line is still an outstanding one in ceramic fiber industry.

2007, the birth of CCEFIRE and the expansion of Minye’s factory scale

 In 2007, CCEWOOL ceramic fiber products series had fully covered the ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic fiber board, vacuum formed ceramic fiber shape, ceramic fiber module, and ceramic fiber paper and so on. CCEWOOL gradually became a powerful brand with high reputation and popularity and was exported to Germany, Netherland, France, Turkey, Italy, Russia etc.

CCEWOOL Ceramic fiber blanket

As the promotion of CCEWOOL brands reputation, we established long-term business relationship with some famous corporation from home and abroad. A famous refractory brick manufacturer who has more than 60 years’ production experience and at the same time the standard-setter of Chinese refractory industry came to us for cooperation. At the same year, they and we co-founded the Fang Refractory International Trade Co., ltd and launched CCEFIRE Brand which included high alumina brick, mullite insulating brick and B series insulating brick. This cooperation formed a solid foundation for our comprehensive sales mode and did help us to serve the international market better.

ISO 9000 certificate

At the same year, according to the international market’s need, Minye Refractory Fiber expanded its factory again and brought in ceramic fiber paper production line, ceramic fiber textile line and ceramic fiber paper production line. We also got the ISO 9000 certificate this year.

In 2008, the stable development in crisis and the rapid promoting of CCEWOOL reputation

In 2008, the American Sub-prime mortgage crisis triggered the global financial crisis. Chinese import and export industry was greatly influenced; ceramic fiber industry is not an exception. Despite the sluggish industrial situation, Mr. Rosen won the Australia government procurement with the help of one of our Australia customers who had faith in our products and service. This government procurement not only helped Double Egret go through the difficulty but also made a good foundation for future improvement.

2009-now: rapid development of the factory 

2009, the presence of CCEWOOL on Ceramitec and the initiation of international agent rucruitment

Double Egret

In 2009, Double Egret, as the only ceramic fiber manufacturer from China, attended Ceramitec in Munich Germany and attracted some attention successfully.

Turkish agent: Due to the similar insistence on constant quality, the famous Turkish refractory material manufacturer and furnace constructing company became our first CCEWOOL ceramic fiber agent. During their 5 years’ presentation of CCE WOOL brand, they occupied the dominant ceramic fiber market in Turkey and also expanded the CCEWOOL brand to Middle East.

CCEWOOL ceramic fiber products got CE certified

Russian Agent: our first agent in Russia. We have the only full automatic filling equipment, our products can reach the CE standard and we are one of the few factories who have their own laboratory and can provide inspection report before delivery. After receiving the products, they found that our quality is unexpectedly good. For all the reasons above, a famous family run refractory brick manufacturer become our first CCE FIRE fire brick agent.

At the same year, all of our CCEWOOL ceramic fiber products got CE certified.

At the same time, Minye made great progress on production technology; its production technology had developed to cover large size and ultra-thin products. Even through, Minye was not satisfied with the status quo. By studying the samples Double Egret collected on the international fair and production information Rosen collected by communicating with foreign customer, the production technology of Minye was greatly improved. That makes a solid foundation for Minye to build new factory and expand production.

2010, the establishment of international sales team and the authorization of agent in india and indonesia

agent in india and indonesia

In 2010, the value of Double Egret’s brand had been greatly improved because of its constant presence at international fair. The sales also kept growing. To provide customers with better service, Double Egret began to increase the team size and recruited the experienced to do documentary work, track shipping and loading inspection. This more comprehensive team greatly improved the quality of our service. At the same year, Double Egret moved to new office and had better work environment.

India Agent: in 2010, a notable Indian refractory brick manufacturer which has 40 years production experience came to us for cooperation. They were in urgent need of a large quantity of ceramic fiber products and calcium silicate board. Double Egret operated this order with no mistakes in documentary operation, which guarantee our smooth cooperation. This Indian company also recognized our company strength and became our long-term agent in India.

Indonesia agent: In 2008, an Indonesia company who had a joint venture branch in China showed great interest in our CCEWOOL ceramic fiber products. They were very much satisfied with our considerate service and large factory scale after their oversea Chinese manager’s visiting the factory. He also established good friendship with Rosen during his visit. Till now, they worked as our agent in Southeast Asia stably. At the same year, Minye Refractory Fiber built new factories and introduced 8 ceramic fiber blanket production lines; the area of the factory reached 20000 square meters. From then on, Minye Refractory Fiber became the second largest ceramic fiber manufacturer in Asia.

2011, the exploit of North Europe market and the multi-sectorial development of Minye production technology

our customers

In 2009, on Ceramitec on Munich, Peter from Sweden showed great interest in our CCE FIRE insulating brick and did some consultation with Rosen. Peters have been in refractory material industry from generation to generation so that he is very familiar with refractories. He showed great satisfaction with the quality and the accuracy of our CCE FIRE DJM insulating brick. After the fair, we kept in touch with each other through email.

Swedish Agent: At 2011 Ceramitec fair in Dusseldorf, a multinational corporation was very interested in Double Egret Thermal Insulation and CCEFIRE insulating bricks. After their purchasing manager Peter’s visit to our insulating brick factory, they placed an insulating brick order to us. This cooperation did a great help in improving our reputation in North Europe.

Finnish agent: In 2012, our Swedish agent Peter recommended us to their Finland headquarters. Since they knew very well about our professional exporting service and the stable quality of CCEFIRE, this Finnish company placed the order directly to us and since then we kept long-term, stable cooperation. In 2013, we were introduced and cooperated with their Malaysia branch with the help of Finland headquarters. Our cooperation saved not only delivery cost and purchasing cost but also the time for communication; Double Egret also developed agent in 3 countries. Until now, we communicated, developed with each other continuously.

Ceramic fiber board for gas boiler

On the basis of conventional ceramic fiber board production, Minye developed nine steps’ slag-removal technology. Compared with normal ceramic fiber board, ultra-thin ceramic fiber board, which is dedicated to fireplace and boiler thermal insulation and fireproof, is lighter in density, stronger in compressive strength, lower in slag content. This new products signified the cross-sectoral development of our ceramic fiber board.

2012, the acquisition of BV certificate, the company establishment in German and the authorization of the agent in South Africa

In 2012, in order to expand the influence of CCEWOOL and CCEFIRE on global market and provide more professional and proper service, Double Egret established Double Egret Technik GmbH which was mianly for R&D and trade service etc and at the same time can provide frontier information for the development of production base and the improvement of service’s quality. Depending on the constant improving advantage of products lines, product category, production technology and production cost, We are hoping that Double Egret Thermal Insulation co., ltd will be always on the frontier of global ceramic fiber market. We also attended the following fairs in 2012: Ankiros Turkey, Castexpo USA, Ceramitec in Munich Germany, Metal Expo Moscow Russia.

South Africa agent:

At Ceramitec in Munich Germany, a customer, who had paid some attention on CCEWOOL ceramic fiber products, asked Rosen Peng for the prices, loading quantity and specifications. Rosen peng answered the questions with professional and comprehensive plan in fluent English. Due to the absolute confidence in our company’s high quality products and good service, they became our agent in South Africa.

In 2012, as one of the earliest golden suppliers on Alibaba, we got BV certificate successfully this year. At the same time, the lightweight ultra-thin ceramic fiber board researched and developed by Minye Refractory Fiber put into mass production. Customized ultra-thin ceramic fiber board also began to take shape. Besides all, Minye refractory fiber improved the slag-removal technology and developed ultra-thin composite ceramic fiber blanket which is dedicated to electric heat pan thermal insulation. Compared with normal ceramic fiber blanket, ultra-thin ceramic fiber blanket enjoys better tensile strength, better purity and longer service life.

2013, the first BV & TUV holder in China and the authorization of the agent in Netherland.

In 2013, we invited our Netherlands’ agent, who is specialized in ceramic fiber products, to attend the International Faire of Technologies for Foundry Metal Poland. Our Netherland’s agent gave us high trust for that we protect our agent’s end users as serious as protect ours. Due to always thinking of our agent, our Netherland’s agent became our loyal agents in Netherland willingly. What’s more, they were willing to run a Netherland branch of Double Egret with us so that we can provide quicker and more convenient service to our customer. As a result of constant presence at international fair, CCEWOOL has been exported to more than 30 countries worldwide. In 2013, we also passed the TUV Rhineland factory inspection so that now we are the only BV & TUV certified brands in ceramic fiber industry in China.

2014, the oversea branches of Double Egret and Minye Refractory Fiber and the pursuit of new development on international market

After 10 years developed, Minye and Double Egret decided to invest an oversea branch together which could realize the function of warehouse, display and sales, so that we can provide better service and more convenient purchasing experience to our customers. It can also greatly shorten our time of delivery to customers. As Minye Refractory Fiber attached more and more emphasis in the international market, Double Egret becomes the oversea sales department of Minye. This year, we also attended the Tecnargilla Rimini expo in Italy to exploit the new application of ceramic fiber board.



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