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Zibo Double Egret Thermal Insulation Co.,LtdInitiate a top international ceramic fiber brand

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A top ceramic fiber export brand from China-- CCEWOOL Ceramic fiber,Global agents recruiting

Agent policy

The second largest ceramic fiber production and R&D base1.The second largest ceramic fiber production and R&D base

Minye Refractory Fiber is the second largest ceramic fiber production and R&D base which covers a area of 80000 square meter. It has 23 ceramic fiber production lines and meanwhile the only factory that has full automatic ceramic fiber production line with automatic drying system in China. The 3mm to 10mm ultra-thin ceramic fiber board and 1.2x2.4m large size ceramic fiber board it developed fill the local vacancy of such products. Currently, its production technology has reached international standard. Besides that, it has ceramic fiber module plant, ceramic fiber textile plant and 2 ceramic fiber paper production lines. Now CCEWOOL Ceramic fiber Brand includes ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber module, ceramic fiber vacuum forming, ceramic fiber cloth, ceramic fiber rope etc.

2.Advanced quality control system

Advanced quality control systemAll the raw material for ceramic fiber products is from our own raw material base so that we can control the quality from the beginning.

CCEWOOL Ceramic Fiber products and CCEFIRE Refractory Bricks conforms strictly to the requirements of ISO 9000 Quality Management System.

What is more, our factory has its own physical and chemical technical data analyzing laboratory so that we can provide inspection report before delivery. Third party like SGS, BV etc. are also available.

CCEWOOL ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic fiber board, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber module, ceramic fiber vacuum forming and ceramic fiber textile all reach CE standard and MSDS is also available. At the same time, we are the only manufacturer who is both TUV Rhineland and BV certified in ceramic fiber industry in China.

CE NO.: EC.1282.0P140416.ZFRQX35

10-years exporting experience3.10-years exporting experience

We have 10-years exporting experience and professional documentary operation team. We know very well about importation and export regulations and policies of various countries like countries in Europe and America. We also has rich experience in doing CIQ of Egypt and SONCAP of Nergia. After taking delivery of the products, if there is any problem, we will provide reasonable solutions in 24 hours.

International Industrial exposition4.International Industrial exposition

We provide opportunity to attend international industrial exposition to help our agent to develop their local market.

Double Egret has professional website and we can provide inquiry of the local market to our agents.

CCEWOOL Ceramic Fiber has been exported to more than 30 countries and regions around the world. Now we have 6 agents around the world. Our brand has enjoyed some reputation and popularity now.

Specialized CRM system5.Specialized CRM system

English-speaking sales teamWe apply Specialized CRM system to protect the customer resource of our agent and protect the benefit of our agent.

6.English-speaking sales team

Our sales are consisted of members from Canada and America, which can understand the in-depth need of customer.





Agent Story



Turkey Agent - The first agent of CCE WOOL ceramic fiber

CCEWOOL consistently excellent quality helps his agents become well-known ceramic fiber distributors in local market.

Our Turkey agent is a famous family-run company, which was founded in 1978, producing mainly unshaped refractory material. Their main business includes various refractory materials retails and furnace construction. They used to order ceramic fiber materials from some other Chinese suppliers, but they were bothered by the un-prompt sales service, un-flexible lead-time and unstable quality etc. in the past cooperation. MORE



Russia Agent-The first agent of CCEFIRE fire brick

Superior quality and professional documents operation assist his agents in easy Customs Clearance and assure them of picking up goods without any doubt.

Since our package can reach the CE standard and we are one of the few factories who have their own laboratory, automatic filling equipment and can provide inspection report before delivery. After receiving the products, they found that our quality is unexpectedly good. For all the reasons above, a famous family run refractory brick manufacturer become our first CCE FIRE fire brick agent. MORE                                                                



Sweden Agent & Finland Agent & Malaysia Agent

CCEWOOL is enjoying a good reputation from mouth to mouth, winning agents in Sweden, Finland and Malaysia.

For the approval of our ability in the cooperation with Sweden branch, they recommend us to their head office Finland. In the cooperation, the head office showed great satisfaction with our CCE WOOL insulating brick quality. Then Finland head office recommended us to the Malaysia branch. Our company finally developed agent in Sweden, Finland and Malaysia. Customers’ approval is our highest compliments. MORE         



Indonesia agent

CCEWOOL introduces customers to his agents in order to help them gain more market share.

He is an oversea Chinese and has lived in Indonesia for years. He is very familiar with chinese market and Chinese culture. After years of hard work, he has become a famous enterpriser in Indonesia. When he came to visit our company, we give him a warm welcome, our manager - Mr. Rosen drove 5 hours to meet him at the airport. During the factory visit, he was really surprised at our 60000 square meters’ factory, 23 ceramic fiber production lines and automatic loading system. After years of cooperation, we build a brother relationship. MORE                                                                                  



Netherlands Agent

Professional CRM customer management system protect local markets and customer resources for CCEWOOL agents with our honesty and trustworthiness.

Our Netherland agent Harry used to work in a famous ceramic fiber company and he had more than 30 years’ experience in this industry. During his cooperation with his previous supplier---another famous Chinese ceramic fiber supplier, there was some unpleasant things happened, his supplier sold products to his end users without his permission, so Harry has no choice but to cease their cooperation. MORE                              



South Africa agent

CCEWOOL meticulous service makes LCL of various products come true, promoting a broader market for his agents. 

Because of frequent presence on international exhibition, good understanding on ceramic fiber market and developing trend, and the promoted reputation, the south Africa customer notice the bright future of cooperating with us, so they decied exploit the south africa market together and be our agent. MORE         



India Agent

Together with his agents, Double Egret assumes responsibility and solves the problem without hesitation when the agents meet with difficulties. 

Considering the benefit of our customer and the construction schedule, we finished producting the calcium silicate board ahead of time. We omited the storage fees which was occurred for delay delivery. We also did systematical management of the 20 containers, hundreds of shipping mark ans thousands of pallet for the easily application of the products on the construction site. Our work won the recoginition of their head office. Finally they were willing to develop CCEWOOL ceramic fiber in India. After 2 years of cooperation, this customer who has 40 years refractory brick production history became our agent in India.MORE                           





Email: ccewool@ceceramicfiber.com


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