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Russia Agent


Superior quality and professional documents operation assist his agents in easy Customs Clearance and assure them of picking up goods without any doubt. 
Russia-The first agent of CCEFIRE fire brick 



Since our package can reach the CE standard and we are one of the few factories who have their own laboratory, automatic filling equipment and can provide inspection report before delivery. After receiving the products, they found that our quality is unexpectedly good. For all the reasons above, a famous family run refractory brick manufacturer become our first CCE FIRE fire brick agent.

Company introduction    


Since our package can reach the CE standard and we are one of the few factories who have their own laboratory, automatic filling equipment and can provide inspection report before delivery. After receiving the products, they found that our quality is unexpectedly good. For all the reasons above, a famous family run refractory brick manufacturer become our first CCE FIRE fire brick agent.


The russia company is a refractory brick manufacturer in Russia with more than 100 years production history, which has many branches in China and some European countries. In 2008, after some researches and comparisons, one of their Chinese branches came to us and did a multi-dimensional inspection of our company management, production line, factory scale, production ability, certificates and international trade professionalism. Due to our good performance on all the items, they recommended us to their Russia general corporation.    

After going through the samples testing of headquarter successful, this customer came to visit our factory, mainly the ceramic fiber production line and castable production base, during the visit, they spoke highly of our advanced physical and chemical analysis laboratory. They were very satisfied with our company and placed a castable order to us on the spot. This is the opening of our cooperation.              

  During the operation of this order, we tried our best to prepare the necessary documents for Russia exporting, like radioactive elements inspection report, weight & quality certificate, and also our internal inspection report. After receiving the products, they also did some relative inspection of some main technical data of the castable like AL2o3 content and compressive strength. It turned out that all our figures were 3 % higher than their standards, so The russia company’s preference to us grew a little. And this order did form a solid foundation for their being our CCE FIRE brand agent in the future. Then because of the influence of the depressed steel industry in Russia, this customer didn’t have new purchasing plan at that time. But we still kept very close communication on refractory profession for the pleasant and smooth cooperation we had before.        

In 2011, with the presence of CCE FIRE brand at various international fair and the numerous positive feedbacks of our products, Double Egret began to have some reputation in the international market. In the same year, at Dusseldorf fair, marketing director of The russia company came to our booth. Because of the pleasing communication and service he experienced before, as well as the similar experience and age, he and Rosen talked like old friends even through it was their first meet. They had a great time sharing their understanding of the development of ceramic fiber industry. During the conversation, he saw the mullite insulation brick sample on our booth, and was surprised by our good quality, even though he had been in refractory industry for years. Then he placed orders to us. In the following products inspection process, they showed great satisfaction with our package and quality. Because of the standard above good quality, they decided to promote our CCE FIRE fire brick products in Russia and be our agent in Russia







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