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Customer story

Quality – the Sword to eliminate misunderstandings

In 2008, we received one inquiry from our Poland customer; he was interested in our 1260 ceramic fiber blanket and wanted some free samples for testing. When received the ceramic blanket sample, he told us that we failed to pass the sample testing, but he didn’t tell us the reason at that time. Later, it finally came out that actually our samples had passed the test at that time but he confused our sample with other Chinese ceramic blanket suppliers', so he didn’t place the order to our company

Profession – The way to stable cooperation 

Rath is a multinational corporation whose headquarters located in Austria. It was established in 1981 and has a production history of 100 years until now. Its branch offices presented at more than 40 countries around the world. Rath enjoy high reputation in the field of refractory materials and kiln construction worldwide. Meanwhile, it is a serious enterprise which puts great emphasis on professionalism and service. Rath is specialized in manufacturing high grade refractory brick, unshaped refractory materials and moldable refractory materials. Our cooperation with Rath is to provide ceramic wool for its project in Latin America  .

 Customer story
 Customer story Experience – The key to improving business efficiency

Vesuvius is a large scale international company in Malaysia. We had had a pleasant communication with them at the Munich exhibition in 2009. At that time, they were impressed by our spiritual outlook and professional attitude and decided to cooperate with us on the spot. As we all know, it usually requests all units to cooperate in operation in large corporation, even for a relative small order

Capability – The foundation to establish trust

If it was conventional of our cooperation with other customer, then it was just dramatic of the cooperation with this America customer.

He is the person in charge of the American company, which has been specialized in construction applied fireproof material for 10 years. At the early time, I was impressed with his first inquiry which only asked me for my contact information and asked my English capability. The next day, the customer called from America. After learned that he intended to develop new application of ceramic paper .



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