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Ultra-light & untral-Thin Ceramic Fiber Board For Fireplace And GAS Boiler
Ceramic fiber blanket
Ceramic fiber blanket
Ceramic fiber blanket
Ceramic fiber blanket
Ceramic fiber blanket
Ceramic fiber blanket
Ceramic fiber blanket
Ceramic fiber blanket
Ceramic fiber blanket
Ceramic fiber blanket
Ceramic fiber blanket
Ceramic fiber blanket

Product Name:Ceramic fiber blanket

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      CCEWOOL Ceramic Fiber Blanket is a new type of fire-resistant insulation materials in white and tidy size, with integrated fire resistance, heat separation and thermal insulation functions, containing no any binding agent. All CCEWOOL Ceramic Fiber Blankets are made though spun fiber production, the working temperature is from 1050°C to 1450°C, which is widely used in various sectors of refractory, insulation, thermal insulation field.


     1050 common ceramic fiber blanket

     1260 Standard ceramic fiber blanket 

     1260 High-purity ceramic fiber blanket 

     1400 High-alumina ceramic fiber blanket

     1450 Zirconia ceramic fiber blanket

     Size of CCEWOOL ceramic fiber board



     Excellent chemical stability;

     Excellent thermal stability;

     Excellent tensile strength;

     Low thermal conductivity;

     Low heat capacity;

     Excellent insulation properties;

     Good sound insulation.


     Back lining material;

     Furnace masonry expansion joints, door, roof heat insulation seal;

     High temperature pipe insulation material;

     Module / folded module processing material;

     Fireproof coating.

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    Intumescent ceramic fiber paper
    Intumescent ceramic fiber paper
    CCEWOOL? Research series intumescent ceramic fiber paper is produced from a mixture of high purity ceramic fiber, natural graphite fine flakes, and organic binders through a fiber washing process. At about 1200 ℉ (649 ℃), the paper expands up to maximum of 400% of its thickness. This feature serves as excellent material for gasket and sealing applications.
    Thermomax Board
    Thermomax Board
    CCEWOOL Thermomax Board is a sustainable eco-friendly thermal insulation material developed by CCEWOOL. CCEWOOL Thermomax Board is made of recyclable mineral fiber as the main material with a small amount of binding agent, which is degradable. The maximum operating temperature of this product is 1050℃, and it should not be used as a hot surface material in furnace to directly contact the flame.
    Inorganic Ceramic Fiber Board
    Inorganic Ceramic Fiber Board
    CCEWOOL inorganic ceramic fiber board is produced with high purity ceramic fiber bulk, which has super low shot content, as raw material. And is produced through self developed production lines, adding inorganic binders. And the inorganic ceramic fiber board is formed. CCEWOOL inorganic ceramic fiber board does not contain organic matter, and is smokeless and odorless under high temperature.
    Water Repellent Ceramic Fiber Blanket
    Water Repellent Ceramic Fiber Blanket
    CCEWOOL research series water repellent ceramic fiber blanket is needled blanket with super high tensile strength which is made from spun ceramic fiber bulk. It is produced with unique inside double needle technology with solvent-based high-temperature nano-hydrophobic material as the surface treatment agent, and has the characteristics of excellent overall hydrophobicity which greatly improved the insulation performance of the fiber blanket.

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