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CCEWOOL Ceramic Fiber---the leading ceramic fiber brand in china,specialized in export for 10 years
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[Brand story]Customer story[ 2014-08-29 18:32 ]
Quality – the Sword to eliminate misunderstandings In 2008, we received one inquiry from our Poland customer; he was interested in our 1260 ceramic fiber blanket and asked some samples for testing. But finally he didn’t place the order to us for s...
[Brand story]Brand story[ 2014-08-29 18:09 ]
Russian customer is a refractory brick manufacturer in Russia with more than 100 years production history, which has many branches in China and some European countries. In 2008, one of their Chinese branched did some researched and comparisons among Chinese refractory supplier and we passed the research.
[Brand story]2014 Promising future – a great leap of the brand and a breakthrough of the company[ 2014-07-30 16:46 ]
With the development of CCE WOOL brand’s reputation, and to constantly satisfy the customers' requirements on high quality products and service, we are planning to establish warehouses and sample room in Europe and North America to shorten the time of delivery and provide our customers with more convenient and quick purchasing experience to our customers. We believe that this project will make great contribution to CCEWOOL brands' long-term and stable development.
[Brand story]2013 Spreading influence - the first BV&TUV holder in China and the authorization of the agent in Netherland[ 2014-07-30 16:05 ]
We developed advanced CRM system to protect agents’ end-users and market; meanwhile we introduced customers who ordered small amounts to our agents. We also invited our agents to attend their local international fair. Finally, our Netherland agent decided to establish a warehouse with us.
[Brand story]2012 Brand competitiveness - the acquisition of BV certificate, the company establishment in German and the authorization of the agent in South Africa[ 2014-07-30 15:44 ]
In order to expand the influence of CCE WOOL Ceramic fiber and CCE FIRE bricks and to provide professional service to our global customers more conveniently, in 2012, we founded Double Egret Technik GmbH in Germany which was mainly for technological research and after sales service. This year we also passed the BV third party inspection.
[Brand story]2011 Strengthen reputation – world-wide recognition of the brands and authorization of agents in Sweden and Finland[ 2014-07-30 15:28 ]
For the approval of our ability in the cooperation with Sweden branch, they recommend us to their head office Finland. In the cooperation, the head office showed great satisfaction with our CCE WOOL insulating brick quality. Then Finland head office recommended us to the Malaysia branch. Our company finally developed agent in Sweden, Finland and Malaysia. Customers’ approval is our highest compliments.
[Brand story]2010 Appealing services – accurate services for India agent and warm care for Indonesia agent[ 2014-07-30 15:03 ]
Considering the benefit of our customer and the construction schedule, we finished the calcium silicate board ahead of time. We omited the storage fees which was occurred for delay delivery. We also did systemical management of the 20 containers, hundreds of shipping mark ans thousands of pallet for the easily application of the products on the construction site.
[Brand story]2009 Competing capability – the attendance of international fairs and the authorization of brand agents[ 2014-07-30 14:29 ]
As the result of shared cognition of the importance of constant quality, we won the most famous refractory material manufacturer and supplier in Turkey as our agent. Now, our agent has occupied most of the ceramic fiber market in Turkey and also has some influence in Middle East area for the past 5 years after being CCE WOOL agent.
[Brand story]2008 Fulfilled objectives - A critical turnaround in crisis and stable development for the company[ 2014-07-30 14:18 ]
In 2008, the American Sub-prime mortgage crisis triggered the global financial crisis. Chinese import and export industry was greatly influenced; ceramic fiber industry is not an exception. Despite the sluggish industrial situation, Mr. Rosen won the Australia government procurement with the help of one of our Australia customers who had faith in our products and service.
[Brand story]2007 Constant expansion – the birth of CCE FIRE refractory brick series and the perfection of more convenient purchasing chain[ 2014-07-30 14:14 ]
In 2007, with the development of CCE WOOL brand’s reputation and the establishment of long-term relationship between Double Egret and some famous refractories brands abroad, Mr. Rosen and a famous local fireclay brick manufacturer which has more than 60 years production history and experience established Fang international Trade company together and launched CCE FIRE refractory brick products.
[Brand story]2006 Swift development – the debut on International market and the improvement of quality and reputation of CCE WOOL brand[ 2014-07-30 14:04 ]
In 2006, Double Egret designed a whole system of CI and the green environmental friendly package which had enjoyed great popularity in the following days. At the same time, we continuously spread our brand theory -----High quality with reasonable price to our customers in our business relationship, this move attracted many customers to our factory and did some technical communication with us.
[Brand story]2005 Intimate cooperation – the collaboration of a couple and the birth of the CCE WOOL brand[ 2014-07-30 11:53 ]
Rosen Peng is an industrious and serious person, who is capable of fluent English and has 10 years international business experience. In 2005, aiming at initiating a top ceramic fiber brand in the international market, he established the Double Egret Thermal Insulation Co., ltd under the support of his wife Ms. Meng and his brother Mr. Sun, The trade mark of Double Egret is consisted of two egrets that are flying under the morning sun on the sea.
[Brand story]2004 Precise Insight – the understanding of international trends and the analysis of business opportunities[ 2014-07-30 11:46 ]
In 2004, due to the influence of internal energy crisis, the desire for industrial energy-efficiency became more and more critical. At the same time, the need for ceramic fiber products, which can be used for furnace energy saving, rocketed. Some worldly famous brand like Morgan thermal ceramics, unifrax etc. all came to build factories in China to lower their cost, which drew some leading Chinese ceramic fiber brands' attention to the international market.
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