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Ceramic Fiber Tape
Ceramic Fiber Tape
Ceramic Fiber Tapes that are fabricated using high quality ceramic fiber yarn and are reinforced with fiberglass filament & ss wire.
Ceramic Fiber Modules
Ceramic Fiber Modules
CCEWOOL Ceramic Fiber Modules is made from the corresponding ceramic fiber material acupuncture blanket processed in dedicated machines according to fiber component structure and size.
Ceramic fiber square rope
Ceramic fiber square rope
Ceramic Fiber Rope is a length of fibers, twisted or braided together to improve strength for pulling & connecting and can also be called as fibril or filament. We provide round rope, square rope and twisted rope. Both kind has two type, glass filament reinforced and stainless stainless steel reinforced.
Ceramic Fiber Cloth
Ceramic Fiber Cloth
CCEWOOL Ceramic Fiber Cloth is a woven fabric made from our high quality ceramic fiber yarn. It is strong, lightweight, flexible, and available in a wide variety of thicknesses, widths and densities. Ceramic cloth contain absolute amount of binder material which is normally burned at lower temperature and does not affect the insulation property.
Ultrathin 6mm Ceramic fibre blanket
Ultrathin 6mm Ceramic fibre blanket
CCEWOOL Untral-thin Ceramic Fibre Blanket is a new type of fire-resistant insulation materials in white and tidy size, with integrated fire resistance, heat separation and thermal insulation functions, containing no any binding agent. All CCEWOOL Ceramic Fibre Ultra-thin Blankets are made though spun fiber production, which is widely used in various sectors of refractory, insulation, thermal insulation field.
Ceramic fiber paper
Ceramic fiber paper
The product shows excellent thermal insulation properties and construction performance, suitable for use in deep processing (multi-layer composite, punching, etc.); and excellent resistance to molten infiltration, allowing itself to be used for casting washer separation in the construction and glass industries.
Ceramic fiber blanket
Ceramic fiber blanket
CCEWOOL Ceramic Fiber Blanket is a new type of fire-resistant insulation materials in white and tidy size, with integrated fire resistance, heat separation and thermal insulation functions, containing no any binding agent. All CCEWOOL Ceramic Fiber Blankets are made though spun fiber production, the working temperature is from 1050°C to 1450°C, which is widely used in various sectors of refractory, insulation, thermal insulation field.
Bio Soluble Fiber Blanket
Bio Soluble Fiber Blanket
CCEWOOL Bio Soluble (Low Biopersistent) Fiber Blanket is made from alkaline earth silicate and is a calcium-magnesium insulating fiber. It is referred to as a soluble fiber because it has some solubility in bodily fluids. The introduction of MgO and CaO in soluble fibers enhances their flexibility, elasticity, and provides excellent thermal and mechanical performance.

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CCEWOOL participated in Ceramics Expo and achieved great success!

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     May marked the beginning of our exciting journey! From April 30th to May 1st, we attended the Ceramics Expo held in the United States, showcasing the latest products and solutions from the CCEWOOL brand. During the exhibition, CCEWOOL attracted the attention and patronage of numerous new and existing customers, especially witnessing an increase in new customers and recognition of our CCEWOOL brand in the US market.

     We received a lot of positive feedback from customers and partners, who highly appreciated and recognized CCEWOOL's performance and product quality at the expo. This recognition was not only reflected in their purchases and use of our products but also in their trust and recommendations for the CCEWOOL brand, establishing a good reputation and image for us in the US market.

     CCEWOOL's warehouse-style sales in the United States caused quite a stir at the expo. With the official opening of CCEWOOL's warehouse in Charlotte, USA, the CCEWOOL brand gained support and recognition from local American customers. They introduced and recommended us to each other, further enhancing global market trust in the CCEWOOL brand. Additionally, our warehouse continuously enriched product categories based on customer demands, including traditional ceramic fiber series products, high-end low biopersistent fiber series products, as well as 1600 polycrystalline wool series products. We also added products such as insulation bricks and the latest 1900 LTC fiber boards. Our warehouse has ample stock to provide more convenient purchasing services for local American businesses.

     The exhibition was not only a showcase platform for the local market but also a stage for global customer interaction and recognition. We also noticed that this expo attracted customers from countries outside the United States to visit and explore. These global customers witnessed the visits and interactions of our US-based customers, showing strong interest and support for our development and brand recognition in the US market. This global customer interaction not only demonstrated our influence in the international market but also added more trust and influence to our global business development.

     The exciting displays and customer interactions during this period have filled us with confidence for the future. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to improving product quality and customer service standards, with a higher level of professionalism and innovative solutions, to consistently win the trust and support of our customers. Each exhibition experience is not only a growth and enhancement opportunity for the brand but also a test of the company's strength, brand power, quality assurance, and research and development capabilities. The success of the exhibition is not only a recognition of us but also a new starting point and source of motivation for our journey ahead. We look forward to creating more success and brilliance together in the future!

     CCEWOOL's journey does not stop here. From May 6th to 9th, we will participate in AISTech 2024, the largest annual steel technology conference and exhibition in North America, held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Please visit our booth number 1656. We sincerely thank everyone for their trust and support in the CCEWOOL brand, and we hope to see you at the AISTech exhibition.

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