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Ceramic Spun Fiber
Ceramic Spun Fiber
Ceramic Spun Fiber
Ceramic Spun Fiber

Product Name:Ceramic Spun Fiber

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      CCEWOOL Ceramic Spun Fiber is made through being blown into bulk fibers, without secondary processing and heat treatment.

    1050 common ceramic bulk fiber

    1260 STD ceramic bulk fiber

    1260 HP ceramic bulk fiber

    1400 ceramic bulk fiber

    1400 HA ceramic bulk fiber

    1450 HZ ceramic bulk fiber.

    Ceramic Spun Fiber: CCEWOOL Ceramic Spun Fiber is made through being spun into ceramic bulk fiber, without secondary processing and heat treatment.

     Low heat capacity and low thermal conductivity;

    Excellent chemical stability;

    Excellent thermal stability, resistance to pulverization at high temperature;

    With no binders or corrosive substances;

    Excellent sound absorption

    Raw material for fiber blanket, board products;

    Raw material for fiber textile products;

    Fillings for wall lining gap in high temperature furnace, heating device;

    Raw material wet processed products;

    Fiber spraying;


    Raw material for coatings;

    Insulation fillings for corner and complex space.

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