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Ceramic fiber gasket
Ceramic fiber gasket
Ceramic fiber gasket
Ceramic fiber gasket
Ceramic fiber gasket
Ceramic fiber gasket
Ceramic fiber gasket
Ceramic fiber gasket

Product Name:Ceramic fiber gasket

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      CCEWOOL Ceramic Fiber Gasket is made from high-purity ceramic fiber by adding a small amount of binder which will completed burnt out during using process, through production technology with scientific selection and strict control binding. The product shows excellent thermal insulation properties and construction performance, suitable for use in deep processing (multi-layer composite, punching, etc.); and excellent resistance to molten infiltration, allowing itself to be use

    1260 Standard ceramic fiber gasket

    1260 high purity ceramic fiber gasket

    1400 high alumina ceramic fiber gasket

    1450 HZ ceramic fiber gsket

    Low thermal capacity

    Low thermal conductivity

    Excellent electrical insulation properties

    Excellent machining performance

    High strength, tear resistance

    High flexibility

    Low shot content

    Industrial insulation, sealing, anti-corrosion material

    Insulation material for instruments and heating element

    Insulation material for automobile and aerospace industry 

    Expansion joints filling material

    Isolation for construction material, metallurgy and glass industries, 

    Molten metal sealing gasket

    Fireproof material

    Substitite for glass fiber and asbestos fiber

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