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Ultra-light & untral-Thin Ceramic Fiber Board For Fireplace And GAS Boiler
Ceramic fiber hearth board
Ceramic fiber hearth board
Ceramic fiber hearth board
Ceramic fiber hearth board
Ceramic fiber hearth board
Ceramic fiber hearth board
Ceramic fiber hearth board
Ceramic fiber hearth board

Product Name:Ceramic fiber hearth board

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      Ceramic fiber hearth board is produced by ceramic fiber bulk and binding agents.The board is hard and tough,has excellent self- anchorage force and compressive strength,can effectively resist the impact of the molten metal.CCEWOOL ceramic fiber hearth board is one high-strength fiber board which compressive strength property is 10 times than normal ceramic fiber board.

    1260 standard ceramic fiber hearth board

    Size of CCEWOOL ceramic fiber board

    CategoriesTypical Size  Ceramic fiber hearth board
    Common Size(mm)
    L x W1200x1000;1200x600;1000X1000;1000X600;
    900x600; 600x300
    PackingInner Plastic Bag + Outer pallet or Carton 

    Low heat capacity, low thermal conductivity;

    Excellent chemical stability

    Excellent thermal stability, high temperature is not easy chalking

    Non bonding agent or corrosive substances

    Good sound insulation

    Iron and steel industry: steel mill ladle, tundish ladle and refined ladle back linings

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    Ceramic fiber board with alumina foil
    Ceramic fiber board with alumina foil
    Product Details: The raw materials are ceramic fiber bulk,inorganic filler,a small amount of organic binder and water repellent.It is one plate shaped fiber products though long nets scooping technology with continous production process
    Vacuum formed ceramic fiber
    Vacuum formed ceramic fiber
    CCEWOOL Vacuum Formed Ceramic Fiber shapes is made from high quality ceramic fiber bulk as raw material, through vacuum forming process. This product is developed into unshaped product with both superior high-temperature rigidity and self-supporting strength. We produce this CCEWOOL vacuum forming ceramic fiber to fit for the demand for some specific industrial sector production processes, with dedicated molds to deliver each product in various shapes and siz
    Ceramic Fiber Modules
    Ceramic Fiber Modules
    CCEWOOL Ceramic Fiber Modules is made from the corresponding ceramic fiber material acupuncture blanket processed in dedicated machines according to fiber component structure and size.
    Ceramic fiber round rope
    Ceramic fiber round rope
    Ceramic Fiber Rope is a length of fibers, twisted or braided together to improve strength for pulling & connecting and can also be called as fibril or filament. We provide round rope, square rope and twisted rope. Both kind has two type, glass filament reinforced and stainless stainless steel reinforced.

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