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Ceramic fiber cutting module
Ceramic fiber cutting module
Ceramic fiber cutting module
Ceramic fiber cutting module
Ceramic fiber cutting module
Ceramic fiber cutting module
Ceramic fiber cutting module
Ceramic fiber cutting module
Ceramic fiber cutting module
Ceramic fiber cutting module

Product Name:Ceramic fiber cutting module

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      CCEWOOL Ceramic Fiber Modules is made from the corresponding ceramic fiber material acupuncture blanket processed in dedicated machines according to fiber component structure and size. In the process, a certain proportion of compression is maintained, in order to ensure modules expand to the different directions after completion of ceramic fiber folded module wall lining, to create mutual extrusion amongst modules and form a seamless whole unit. Ceramic fiber folded modules

    1050 common ceramic fiber cutting module

    1260 standard ceramic fiber cutting module

    1260 high purity ceramic fiber cutting module

    1400 high alumina ceramic fiber cutting module

    1450 HZ ceramic fiber cutting module

    anchoring parts:ss304,ss310




    special size is also available.

    Excellent chemical stability and thermal stability;

    Low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacity;

    Supporting both soldiers-march-based arrangement and assembly-based arrangement with the help of anchor  in various forms in the back of the module

    Module will squeeze with each another in different directions after unbinding, to produce no gap;

    Elastic fiber blanket resists to external mechanical forces;

    Fiber blanket’s elasticity can compensate for the deformation of furnace shell, so that no gap is generated between modules;

    Light weight, and absorbing less heat as insulation materials;

    Low thermal conductivity brings strong energy-saving effects;

    Able to withstand any thermal shock;

    Lining need no drying or curing, ready to use immediately after installation;

    Anchoring system is far away from hot surface of component, to allow metal anchor member to be in a relatively low temperatur

    All kinds of industrial furnace and heating device linings for metallurgy, machinery, construction

    materials, petrochemicals, non-ferrous metal industries.


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