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Indian Agent





Together with his agents, Double Egret assumes responsibility and solves the problem without hesitation when the agents meet with difficulties      









Indian Agent



Considering the benefit of our customer and the construction schedule, we finished the production of calcium silicate board ahead of time. We omitted the storage fees caused by delayed delivery and did a systematical management of the 20 containers, including hundreds of shipping marks and thousands of pallets in order to provide an easy application of the products on the construction site. Our work won the recognition of their headquarters. Finally they were willing to promote CCEWOOL ceramic fiber in India. After 2 years’ cooperation, this customer, with a history of 40 years refractory brick production, became our agent in India.








Our India customer and Rosen Peng once had a short meet at Munich international fair in 2009. Ceramitec in Munich is an internationally famous professional fair. It attracts thousands of outstanding companies every year. Double Egret, as the only ceramic fiber manufacturer from China, left a deep impression on this India customer. So in 2010, they took us into consideration when they had a purchase plan. But because he wasn't familiar with the locations of Chinese cities, he made a tight schedule. When he finally arrived at our company, he had already visited some companies and it only left 6 hours before his flight, while it would take 4 hours from our factory to the airport. What was worse was that he was exhausted and had a cold. Rosen warmly welcomed him and bought medicine for him. Finally, considering the limited time and the possibility of missing the flight, we canceled the factory visit and drove him to the airport instead. Due to our effective time arrangement, we managed to show our professionalism and product information in detail, which also made a good foundation for the customer’s next visit. A few months later, this customer’s purchasing manager came to visit our factory again with a cement factory project in Jordan.





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After visiting the factory, they found that we could meet their requirements for flexible lead-time and various specifications. They placed the order to us directly with a payment term of L/C. Considering the large total amount and the customer’s situation, we agreed with their payment terms. The lead time would be in March next year. In order to catch up with customers’ project schedule, we finished production in February, one month ahead of time, and waited for customers’ delivery information. However, we got no notification from the customers for a long time, so we stored all the products in our warehouse. In June when this customer came to China, he saw that his products were intact in our warehouse for 4 months. He was really touched and showed his apology to us. He explained that they didn’t mean to abandon the goods but there was really something wrong with the project schedule. Considering our customers benefits, we didn’t bother the customer with the storage charges, instead we arranged the delivery immediately. This customer also called his headquarters to change the payment terms to T/T to show their great thanks. During the delivery, we arranged two document employees to do classification and shipping marks so that the products could be easily applied on the project construction site. We also arranged a person for loading inspection, to recheck and assure that there was mistake at all. This customer was also praised by the headquarters for his perfect performance. In dealing with this complicated order, we made no mistake with 20 containers, dozens of specifications, hundreds of pallets and thousands of shipping marks. This order enhanced our friendship and mutual trust. Owing to our good performance in this order, they were willing to promote our CCE WOOL brand in India and thanks to their influence in India market, CCE WOOL brand soon won some reputations and markets there.




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