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External insulation rock wool board
CCEWOOL External insulation rock wool board are non-combustible with a melting point of approximately 1000°C. They are specially formulated to provide fire protection, thermal insulation and sound absorption. They have a combined property of high compression and tensile strength, low and consistent thermal conductivity, good water repellency and low water absorption.[more]
Sandwich panel rock wool board
CCEWOOL Sandwich panel insulation rock wool board is specifically designed for use as insulation core for metal faced composite panels which are commonly used for external wall, roof, partition, etc. in commercial, industrial and public buildings.[more]
High compression strength Flat roof insulation rock wool board
CCEWOOL High compression strength Flat foof insulation rock wool board provide a one stop solution to roofing insulation requirements. They are suitable for new and re-roofing applications on metal deck or concrete deck. It has proven track records in various international projects.[more]
Curtain wall insulation rock wool board
CCEWOOL Curtain wall rock wool wool board for curtain wall systems is specially developed to meet the fire protection requirement of curtain wall buildings. In an event of fire, this system will prevent fire spread from one floor to another through the openings or gaps between the floor slab and curtain wall. The fire rating of the protected compartment can then be maintained.[more]
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