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Ultra-light & untral-Thin Ceramic Fiber Board For Fireplace And GAS Boiler
Rock wool blanket
Rock wool blanket
Rock wool blanket
Rock wool blanket
Rock wool blanket
Rock wool blanket
Rock wool blanket
Rock wool blanket
Rock wool blanket
Rock wool blanket
Rock wool blanket
Rock wool blanket
Rock wool blanket
Rock wool blanket

Product Name:Rock wool blanket

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      CCEWOOL Rock wool blanket are mainly made of natural stone. The selected stone are melted in a cupola at approximately 1450°C, and the molten lava is fiberized by a spinner. The fibers are then coated with a thermosetting binder which bonds the fibers into a mat.The mat is then cut into suitable sizes for ease of handling and installation. Other products such as wired blanket, pipe cover or faced products are produced by secondary processes.

    External insulation rock wool board

    High compression strength Flat roof insulation rock wool board

    Curtain wall insulation rock wool board

    Sandwich panel rock wool board

    Rock wool blanket

    Rock wool blanket with wire mesh













    It is complies with CE standards,ASTM C592 and JIS A9504.
    Non-combustible and meets the highest fire classification rating.
    No burning droplets, promote flashover or release toxic gases during a fire.
    Compression and tensile strength meets the national standard.
    Excellent permeability and thermal properties assist the reduction of condensation built-up in the system.
    Water repellent and moisture resistant and is mostly made up of inorganic fibres.
    Dimensionally stable and does not shrink, warp or deform over time. excellent sound absorbing properties.
    Easy to cut and handle.
    Neutral or slightly alkaline and does not cause corrosion on fiber glass mesh and metal fixing.
    Fibres are non-toxic and fully safe for use.

    CCEWOOL Rock wool blanket is particularly designed to meet the specific thermal insulation, fire protection and sound attenuation requirements for large process pipework, tanks, vessels, boilers and ducts. 

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