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Ceramic fiber blanket
CCEWOOL Ceramic Fiber Blanket is a new type of fire-resistant insulation materials in white and tidy size, with integrated fire resistance, heat separation and thermal insulation functions, containing no any binding agent. All CCEWOOL Ceramic Fiber Blankets are made though spun fiber production, the working temperature is from 1050°C to 1450°C, which is widely used in various sectors of refractory, insulation, thermal insulation field.
Ceramic Fiber Cloth
Ceramic Fiber Cloth
CCEWOOL Ceramic Fiber Cloth is a woven fabric made from our high quality ceramic fiber yarn. It is strong, lightweight, flexible, and available in a wide variety of thicknesses, widths and densities. Ceramic cloth contain absolute amount of binder material which is normally burned at lower temperature and does not affect the insulation property.

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Application area and effect of CCEWOOL rock wool insulation

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     Rock wool insulation product all use high quality basalt, dolomite as raw material. The raw material is melted under 1450℃ high temperature and then the molten material is spun into fiber by world advanced four roller centrifugal, and certain amount of adhesive,dust laying oil, water repellent is added. Then the fiber is collected by collecting machine, and after pendulum process and three dimensional wool spreading the fiber wool is solidified, cut, and made into rock wool product for different application.

     In modern society, rock wool insulation material is widely used in construction, metallurgy, petrochemical, electricity, oil, agriculture, mechanic, light industry, textile, military industry, transportation, warehousing and other industries.All kinds of buildings, industrial kiln, boiler, heat exchanger, distillation tower, storage tank, cold storage flue, pipelines, valves, fan, air conditioner, transport, etc., as well as the modern national defense, aerospace, atomic energy technology, cannot leave the new multifunctional material of heat preservation and heat insulation and sound absorption.

     1.Industry insulation.

     Rock wool insulation as a new type of insulation material, has wide application in industry insulation. Because rock wool board is semi rigid material it can be done with bending within 30°. No matter the large equipment is square or round, all can use rock wool insulation material and achieve good insulation effect. The dual characteristics of semi-rigid and soft materials of rock wool insulation materials make it capable of being used for small equipment or large diameter pipe insulation. Because it can be bent and it is smooth, its construction is very convenient. The large pipe can be insulated with rock wool, and the small pipe can adopt the rock wool shell.It is very convenient for the insulation work of tube and shell in such inconvenient construction site as indoor or pipe racks. In other areas such as tee joint, valve, elbow and so on,we can also use precast of rock wool insulation.

     The water wall tube and other furnace wall temperature less than 500 degrees Celsius, we can use rock wool blanket or rock wool board instead of insulation brick to make lightweight furnace wall. It is very important in reducing the weight of large thermal power boiler or fast assembling furnace.

     Above is the introduction of application of CCEWOOL rock wool insulation in industry insulation area. Hope this can bring help to furnace builders and workers. Next week, we will describe the application of rock wool insulation in building energy saving area. Please stay tuned. 

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